Kids Flag Football Rules
  • Field Length 50 Yards long, 20 yards wide, end zone 10 yards
  • Coin Toss. At the start of each game, captains/coaches from both teams shall meet at midfield for the coin toss to determine who shall start with the ball. The visiting team shall call the toss. The winner of a coin toss gets choice of possession. Loser has choice of direction. These will alternate in the second half; teams may NOT choose to defer to second half. 
  • First Down Four plays to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield it has another four plays to score a touchdown or else the other team takes over at the spot of the ball. If the offense fails to score or obtain a first down, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team gains possession on its own 10-yard line.
  • Players on the field 5 players are allowed on the field at a time.  If a team has 4 or less players at game time they forfeit and the teams may do a 4 on 4 scrimmage.
  • Game Length The flag football game consists of four 9 minute quarter. 1 minute break between quarters.  2 Minute half time.
  • Play time Each player must play two full quarters No child should play 3 consecutive quarters unless the team has 7 or less players
  • No child may sit (2) consecutive quarters
  • If a child leaves the game due to injury, restroom, or refuses to play, the opposing coach chooses the player substitution
  • Subs  No substitutions during a quarter (unless injury)
  • Timeouts:  1 60 second timeout per half per team. Timeouts do not carry over
  • Jerseys Players jerseys must be tucked in
  • Stiff arms are prohibited that is flag guarding
  • Blitzing and defensive line everyone must line up 7 yards off of the line of scrimmage and may Blitz immediately unless the offense is within the 5 yard line or within 7 yards to the 1st down.
  • NO RUN ZONE   THE OFFENSE MUST PASS  AT LEAST 1 YARD IF THEY ARE WITHIN 7 YARD OF THE TOUCHDOWN OR THE FIRST DOWN. Teams may hand-off, pitch, or lateral the ball, however, the end result of the play must be a forward pass BEYOND the line of scrimmage. No-Run Zones will be marked on the field and the referee will notify you before the play whether you are in a No-Run Zone or not
  • No-Run Zone exception: If a defensive penalty pushes the offense into a No-Run Zone, the offense can still run until they run a play that results in positive or negative yardage.
  • Quarter back running Due to the blitz rule the QB can run immediately accept in the No run zone
  • Receivers Everyone is an eligible receiver
  • Offensive line There has to be at least one center and one quarterback.
  • Defensive line: Defense must line up one yard off of the ball. once the ball is handed off pitched or passed the defensive line may cross the line of scrimmage. Unless the defender is behind the blitz line.
  • Interceptions  Interceptions will not be returned. After an interception, the defensive team will gain possession at their own 10 yard line. An interception on a PAT automatically results in the try no good.
  • Fumbles There are NO FUMBLES. The ball will be spotted where the player lost control of the ball.
  • Center Sneaks The center cannot run the ball however after a successful snap the center is now an eligible Receiver.
  • Blocking No blocking, screening, picking or running beside or in front of the ball carrier is permitted. The defense always the right away to get to the ball carrier.
  • Shake hands  Participants and Coaches are always expected to shake hands at midfield no matter the outcome of the game
  • Injury  In the event of an injury, the clock will stop then restart when the injured player is removed from the field of play.
  • Tie Score: If the score is tied at the end of the second half, the game will result in a Tie; NO OVERTIMES Unless it is in the playoffs then Each team gets 4 plays to try to score starting at mid field
  • Down Markers: Each team has to assign a person to work the down Cones to keep track of the spot of the ball.
  • Safety:   occurs when the ball carrier is declared down in his/her own end zone. They can be called down when their flag is pulled by a defensive player, they step out of bounds, or they hit the ground with their knee, arm, or ball. A Safety also occurs when there is an offensive penalty in the end zone. Example: The QB flag guards a defender while in his/her own end zone.  A Safety results in a change of possession 
  • The snap is considered any backwards motion (towards the QB) as the ball lifts off of the ground. 
  •  Play is ruled “dead” when:
  The ball hits the ground or the ball carrier’s flag is pulled. - The ball carrier’s elbow/knee hits the ground or steps out of bounds - A touchdown, PAT or safety is scored. - The defense intercepts a pass attempt. - The ball carrier is touched with one hand in the case that one (or both) of his/her flags fell out. - Inadvertent whistle, if there is an inadvertent whistle, the offense will have the choice of either the result of the play or replaying the down
​Complete pass A player must have at least one foot in bounds when making a reception
In the case of simultaneous possession by both an offensive and defensive player, possession is awarded to the offense.
  • Touches Every child must have (1) touch per game (excluding 3rd-6th grade)
  • Jumping: A player may jump, however, jumping over or into a defender and diving to advance the ball is prohibited.
  • Stripping the ball: It is illegal to attempt to strip or pull the ball from the ball carrier’s possession at any time
  • Motion:  Offensive players must come to a complete stop for one (1) second before the ball is snapped unless he/she is the one (1) player in motion
  • Running into the defender: Ball carriers MUST make an effort to avoid defenders with an established position. Not making an effort and making contact with the defense may result in a charging penalty
  • Running into the Offense: Defenders are not allowed to run through the ball carrier when pulling flags
  • Fans:     Fans must also adhere to good sportsmanship, as well: - Yell to cheer on your players, not to harass referees or other teams. Compliment ALL players, not just one child or team.  Fans are required to keep our field’s safe and kid friendly and must stay on their designated sideline.
Touchdown = 6 points
Extra point conversion = 1 or 2 points
  • 1 point is 7 yards out 
  • 2 points is 12 yards out
  • Safety = 2 points
  • PAT: If there is an offensive penalty during an extra point, the attempt is automatically no good. If there is a defensive penalty on an extra point, the attempt is automatically good.
Roughing the Passer  The player blitzing may not jump to block the pass they must go straight for the flag.
Offside – A defensive player is beyond the blitz line before the  ball is snapped. 5 yards
False start – An offensive player moves beyond the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being snapped. 5 yards
Holding – Impeding the movement of another player by grasping or pulling at body part or piece of clothing. 5 yards (Ref Discretion)
Flag Guarding – When an offensive player holds onto the belt or the flags or stiff arms to prevent a defender from taking their flag. 
Delay of game – The offense has a limited amount of time between plays to huddle, line up and start the next play.   Taking too long will result in a delay of game penalty. EACH TEAM HAS 30 SECONDS TO HIKE THE BALL AFTER THE PLACING OF THE BALL BY THE REF.
Pass interference – Occurs when a defensive player makes contact with any offensive player who is attempting the catch a pass. 5 YARD PENALTY OR SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE IF CLOSER TO THE ENDZONE THAN 5 YARDS
1. All players must wear mouth guards at all times while on the playing field.
2. Shorts and Pants CANNOT have pockets.
3. Players’ jerseys must be tucked into the pants, with the complete belt showing at all times. If a coach notices an opposing player’s jersey is untucked, s/he must ask the referee to have the player tuck his/her jersey in before the start of the next play.
4. Players must wear the Flag jersey provided by B2E Sports for games. If a player does not have the flag jersey they will not be permitted to play.
5. Players must wear the Flag jersey provided by B2E Sports for games. If a player does not have the flag jersey they will not be permitted to play
6.It the defensive coach’s responsibility to make sure all of the offensive player’s flags are located on the hips prior to snap.
7. Players can wear shoes or cleats; however, cleats with exposed metal are not allowed.
8. Players may tape their forearms, hands and fingers. Players may wear gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads.
9. Casts or Braces (even if wrapped or covered) of any kind are not allowed. Players must remove all jewelry and hats.
10. The shorts must be an off color of the player’s flag belt. If a member of B2E Staff believes a team is gaining an advantage by the color of their shorts we will switch belts or that entire team will play one hand touch
11. If a receiver/runner's flag belt comes off inadvertently, then the receiver/runner must be touched with at least one hand to be down

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