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"If you have not scheduled with Rodney, do it! Your child will not only grow their skill, but confidence too! We HIGHLY recommend him!"

Consistent hard work pays off!

Kendall has been working with B2E Sports for months and has improved a ton! Her overall game has gotten better and better! The sky is the limit.

Jayden has been working with B2E for months, she has improved with her overall quickness, her defense has improved a ton, she is getting from A to B much faster, her off hand has gotten stronger as well as her shot.


Jayden is a strong basketball player. 

Ezra Lead his team this year in many ways. He made incredible improvements in all areas of basketball. Most games this season he lead his team in points and other attributes.

Marlon’s handles are outstanding, he has great court vision and has adjusted very well to middle school Ball

Marlon, also worked with B2E for months and attended multiple camps with B2E.

Manning trained for months with B2E. He transferred from a new school after not playing ball for a while, his family found B2E. Manning always had basic fundamentals down but was  little behind at first. Manning worked his butt off for months with B2E. Through hard work and dedication manning went out and made the team. (an undefeated competitive team) He is doing very well this season!

Kaleb has improved with Dribbling, shooting, defense and more. One of the most improved players!

When we first started his confidence was low. But now, this kid see's how truly amazing he is!

Lexi has improved on her ball handling and shooting. She has gotten stronger and now a Leader of her team. Lexi has a bright Future!

L.t has improved a ton! His new nickname is Dribble King. He is developing into a well rounded guard and athlete!

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